Health, safety and environmental ( HSE)

Management of health, safety and environmental (HSE) issues are considered to be of such significance, that an integral part of the overall corporate management system is dedicated to deal with safety and environment issues. HSE management system HSE-MS designed as per international standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, etc……….) and all legal and statutory requirements applicable to Gascool activities and services was established and applied to ensure environmentally friendly and accident free work place.

Gascool serves the environment by providing friendly environment cooling that utilizes sufficient energy which is translated into a tangible reduction of the Egypt carbon footprint.

Gascool also seeks to provide resources and procedures needed to apply and activate the adopted HSE –MS.

Gascool HSE policy is established to ensure commitment to the following:

Hazards identification, evaluation and control procedures, emergency preparedness and planning criteria and environment protection and conservation of resources programs to be followed to guarantee healthy, safe and environment friendly work process and environment.

Ensure continuous monitoring and improvement of HSE-MS performance according to the latest standards and technology innovations.

Enhancement of personnel competence, behavior and attitudes through effective training programs.