Contractual services & industries served

Gas cool charter directs gas cool to provide its specialized services to the industrial and non industrial sectors.

The factory is planned to produce HVAC materials & components that are essential for Gas cool projects.

Typical contractual roles for Gas cool are:

    • Epc main contractor

Gas cool takes full project responsibility for engineering design, procurement, and construction including construction management, project management & controls, and financing.

    • Built, own and operate contractor (BOO services)

Gas cool takes full responsibility for plant built, own and operate include maintenance for agreed upon period (20-50 years). Customers may not assume large investment for operating & maintenance cost.

    • Project manager

Gas cool acts as project manager on behalf of the customer and manages the work of other sub contractors and suppliers employed on the project.

    • Sub contractors

Main contractors can utilize gas cool in the role of subcontractors to provide wide range of professional services and/ equipment and material supplies.

    • Joint venture

Gas cool is experienced in joint venture associations with local and international firms, offering its customers a wide range of engineering, procurement and construction management service.

The customer receives the desired specialized expertise while enjoying the advantage of having several firms operating under one contractual agreement.

    • Consultant

Gas cool has worked extensively with national and international companies and customers in the role of consultant performing the wide range of studies pertinent to the planning of new or existing facilities.

Operation & maintenance contracts

Gascool provides full operations & maintenance services for its projects in Egypt & MENA region, in addition to performing the scheduled annual maintenance plans for its projects.

  • Tharwa administration building.
  • Petroleum hospital in Alexandria.
  • Middle east for tanks (MID TAB) administration building.
  • The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding company (Echem).
  • Academic building for cairo university extension at el sheikh zayed city.
  • Faculty of dentistry for cairo university extension at el sheikh zayed city.